10 Ways to Avoid Paying Airline Baggage Fees

I hate paying baggage fees! These fees have become a huge money maker for airlines. I will show you 10 different way for how to avoid paying airline baggage fees on your upcoming travel.

Here’s the problem: a few years ago US airlines were going bankrupt. Their solution: unbundle all the “extras” services passengers receive when flying and charge for them. Baggage fees were one of the first fees to be added. Followed by selling meals, drinks, blankets, exit row seats – one airline considered charging to use the toilet!

7 Ways to Fly First Class for Economy Prices

Did you know 85% of people flying first class are flying on an economy class ticket? I’m going to share 7 proven ways that I’ve actually used to fly first class on economy tickets.

7 Ways to Fly First Class for Economy Prices

Speaking on leadership development and coaching skills takes me around the world. I’ve flown over 100,000 miles each of the past 5 years. Along the way I’ve made a few discoveries to ease the pain of travel.