Are You Sleeping Through Your Life?

Many people sleep through school, career, and marriage – waking up one day unhappy. They’ve slept through life. Here’s how to wake up. 

It’s easy to sleep through life. We’re busy, tired, and jumping from activity to activity. We’re not literally asleep. The problem is we don’t take the time to reflect on our lives, therefore we’re largely unaware of

Take A Vacation From Email, Without Returning To A Full Inbox

During a vacation a few years ago, I completely unplugged from email, social media, and websites for a week. The experience revealed some hard lessons about myself. I also found the secret for how to unplug in such a way that you won’t be swamped with emails when you plug back in. 

On past vacations I would “check-in” on email each morning and evening. This year I decided to completely unplug. Unplugging would allow me to fully engage with my family 24/7, relax, and completely change my frame of mind for a week. I wanted a real vacation.

3 Personal Lessons From A Week Without Email

The Surprising 3-Minute Workout That Gets Results

One of the most important traits for a successful leader is high energy. A leader with high energy will outwork, outsmart, and outlast those with low energy. Your physical fitness directly links to your energy level. Yet, in their busyness, leaders often let physical fitness go. Me too. I want to show you a surprising 3-minute workout that gets results. 

Over the years, I’ve done different types of exercise: swimming, running, and using weights in the gym. But for me, exercise has always been about what’s convenient.

A couple of years ago I got super busy traveling and all exercise went out the window. I noticed my growing midsection and

My Almost Mid-Life Crisis: 3 Things I learned

When I turned 41 years-old I started to have a mid-life crisis. My mid-life crisis involved a vineyard, a couple of dogs, and a small secluded retreat center – in Tuscany, Italy. The problem was, I couldn’t afford it!

I decided to put my mid-life crisis on hold while I saved up for it. I’m still saving… 

In the meantime, I’ve come to the conclusion that a bit of a mid-life crisis now and then is a good thing. Assuming you don’t go off the deep end, the results can produce a more focused life. Here are 3 things I learned. 

How To Get The Best Results On Your New Logo & Website Design

I engaged a design team to create a new logo and redesign two of my websites, including this blog. I learned 7 things I needed to do to get the best results in the redesign process. 

I worked with Mike Kim who is a marketing and communications consultant. We created a brand strategy that included redesigning my websites (this blog and Creative Results Management), creating new resource guides to prompt people to subscribe, editing copy on the sites, and a new logo.

Mike and graphic designer Jason Clement are not the first designers I’ve worked with. I’ve done this process

How To Stop Comparing And Start Learning

Comparing yourself to others is a head game you can’t win. Comparisons touch ego and emotions. Learning, on the other hand, helps you improve yourself to be a better you, not someone else. Here’s how you can stop comparing yourself to others and start learning instead. 

I was invited to speak at a large conference. I was on next. On stage was Big-Name Speaker. He was really good! Polished. Engaging stories. Insightful points. He even dressed cool! A voice in my head whispered to me, “You’re not half the speaker he is. He’s got great stories with memorable points. Who are you? You’re not as interesting as him. You don’t belong here.”

My excitement turned into deflated nervousness. In one minute

How To Follow Your True Calling, Not Someone Else’s

Following your true calling is an ancient problem. In Greek mythology, the beautiful songs of Sirens lured sailors to wreck on rocky shores. Today, Sirens lure us to abandon our calling with promises greater happiness elsewhere. There’s a powerful way to stay on course with your true calling, one that the Greeks used. 

Siren Songs

Homer’s Odyssey follows the hero Odysseus on his epic journey home from the Trojan Wars. In one adventure, his ship neared the dangerous islands of the Sirens. The songs of Sirens were so beautiful that sailors were captivated as if under a magical spell by their music. They changed course and blissfully, and suddenly,

Stop Whining and 3 Other New Year’s Attitude Shifts

There’s a lot of talk about the ineffectiveness of New Year’s resolutions. Nothing new. Making personal changes is not easy any time of the year! A couple years ago, I was having a rough time personally. I wrote down 4 New Year’s attitude shifts that I wanted to make. It was life-changing.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was on the road to burn-out. The coaching training business I led was booming, but the actual day-t0-day work I performed didn’t align well with my passions and gifting. Life circumstances with