The COACH Model®

The COACH Model® offers a profound change of mentality and practice from that of telling and expertise to questions and the shared discovery of new solutions.

The power of The COACH Model® is that it is quickly understood, memorable, and immediately usable and replicable in the workplace and every relationship.

My training is built on helping people grasp and use this model in intensely practical ways to solve immediate organizational challenges.

Introduction To The COACH Model®

In this 8-minute video, I explain what the The COACH Model® is and how to use it. This clip is from an interview with Derek Ouellette.

How I Can Help You

Check out The COACH Model® training I developed and lead. At Creative Results Management, I offer a professional-level coaching training program that is approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). We serve Christian leaders and present from that worldview.

I wrote Coaching In Ministry to show it’s possible to develop leaders and have greater ministry impact — while also having more margin in your life. It’s just .99¢ on Kindle. The revised and expanded edition of my book, The COACH Model for Christian Leaders, covers the whole process and how to ask powerful questions. Reading it is a great step to begin to coach others.

I can speak or lead a workshop at your location. I work with individuals, executive teams, and groups. After hearing from you about your needs and objectives, I will tailor the content to your group. Contact me to set up a call.

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