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“I want to be able to ask better questions.”

I hear this a lot from leaders. Hi, I’m Keith Webb, the author of The COACH Model for Christian Leaders. Everyone is looking for magic questions that will create insight, foster innovation, and help people get things done.

There are no magic questionsBut there are powerful questions!

Powerful questions are the tools to help people discover new roads and to find answers. I decided to list up 50 of my favorite powerful questions in a resource guide. It’s called 50 Powerful Coaching Questions.

Each question approaches a problem or goal from a different perspective. Here are a few examples:

  • Change: In what ways do you need to change?
  • Energy: Which parts of this give you energy?
  • Motivation: What would achieving this do for you?
  • Synergy: Where could you tap into natural momentum?

And there are 46 more! These questions will open up new ideas, perspectives, and options – and that’s powerful!

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