Don’t Sell Coaching, Sell Client Results

Whenever I talk with coaches, or speakers, ministers, fundraisers, and sales people, they all tell me they want more clients. When I ask what they do, they tell me about their methodology. That’s a mistake. Clients don’t care about coaching, they care about their results.

Don’t sell coaching, sell client results. I’ll show you how.

It’s the Results, Not Your Tools That Matter

No one cares what brand of saw a contractor uses. Imagine a contractor comes to your home to give you a quote to remodel your kitchen. You say, “I was thinking of having a couple of skylights. Is this something you could do?”

Plan Awesome Training Events! 6 Steps to Reduce Your Risk and Stress.

Launching public events is scary. You risk a lot – venue deposits, advertising costs, your reputation, and lost opportunity if some other project would have produced better results. Here’s how to plan profitable live training events that minimize risk and will guarantee you a successful event.

Montserrat Monastery in Spain, where I hold occasional training events.

My first big public training event was in October 2006. It was a 5-day professional coaching training for ministry leaders. I still remember how nervous I was about clicking the “send” button on the email announcing it. The questions swirling around in my head were these:

  • Would anyone be willing to pay to join my training?

Get Your Message Out: How to Make Videos On Your Laptop With No Editing

Using only email or websites to get your message out is a mistake. People skim, they don’t read. Instead, make simple videos to get your message out. Your audience is more likely to watch you explain details than to read your explanation. In this article, I’ll show you how.

My 2 minute video announcement of our new coaching training programs.

I just announced major changes to our coaching training systems. I made a series of videos to share about the changes. Simple videos are a much better way to clearly communicate complexity and cast vision. 

Each video had a different audience and a tailored message and follow-up. Here are the four that I did:

Self-Help Book Disclaimer

Here is the disclaimer self-help books should include:

“Following the advice in this book could make you millions of dollars and completely transform your life. On the other hand, it may not and you could hurt yourself in the process. So, regardless of the claim I just made – and the claims I made on the cover, back cover, and throughout this book – I make no claims. Use at your own risk. Don’t blame me or the publisher for anything bad that happens to you while trying to implement advice in this book. If things should work out well for you, please write a long 5 star review on Amazon and blog weekly about how my book alone made you millions and completely transformed your life (like I said it would, by the way).”

Stop Hiding Behind the Internet and Connect Personally

We all need to “market” ourselves to some extent, even if your focus is your own employees. Massive amounts of time and money are spent on creating websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, etc. in order to avoid what we actually need to be doing – connecting personally with others.

I work with many non-profit leaders who must do fund raising. Many focus on a Wow website, a compelling video, a social media campaign, or weekly blog posts. When the money doesn’t come pouring in, they increase their efforts – more videos and daily blog posts. It’s the Internet version of “if you build it they will come.”

How to Get 300% Greater Training Results

Let’s be honest, most training is full of information and “good stuff” that doesn’t lead to lasting behavior change. The most powerful way to see behavior change is to provide follow-up coaching. I have successfully implemented easy (and free) ways to follow-up training events with coaching.

How to Get 300% Greater Training Impact

I measure training results by the amount of application participants make. Application is behavioral change. Too often, my problem is not a lack of knowledge; it is too little living out of that knowledge. I have found ways to help training participants change in amazing ways.