The Secret to Coaching Teams

This is a guest post by Kevin Stebbings. He is a coaching instructor with Creative Results Management and leads two ICF-approved teleclass series Group Coaching. Kevin is the author of What Do You Really, Really Want?

As a professional coach, I know how to coach well. But when I began coaching work teams, my coaching skills fell short. I discovered a fatal flaw: I listened to the wrong voice.

As a coach, my listening skills are highly trained and well practiced to focus in on the individual needs of a client. This approach worked well until I began coaching teams.

Trick-or-Treaters and Coaching

Trick-or-treaters love candy! This makes them happy, right? Not exactly. The order of receiving candy effected kids’ satisfaction.

Trick or Treat and Coaching

A study done by George Wolford, a psychologist at Dartmouth College, on Halloween night found some interesting results. In this study, some trick-or-treaters were given a candy bar. Other kids were given a candy bar and then a piece of bubble gum.

The kids that got the candy bar first and the bubble gum (a lesser treat) second were less happy with their candy than the kids who got just a candy bar.