50 Powerful Coaching Questions

“I want to be able to ask better questions.” I hear this a lot from the leaders I train to coach others. 50 Powerful Coaching Questions - Keith Webb

Everyone is looking for magic questions that will create insight, foster innovation, and help people get things done.

There are no magic questionsBut there are powerful questions!

Powerful questions are the tools to help people discover new roads and to find answers. Many people are not naturally reflective. We all have a limited perspective. Questions are powerful when they provoke reflection in other people, causing them to think more deeply and creatively than they could on their own.

I decided to list up 50 of my favorite powerful questions in a resource guide. It’s called 50 Powerful Coaching Questions. Each question approaches a problem or goal from a different perspective. Here are a few examples:

15 Airline Perks You Can Get for Free. You’ll Love #3!

Airlines are giving away free flights, free upgrades, free drinks, free checked bags, and more. Why aren’t you receiving these freebies? You can! Airlines give them to frequent fliers. I’ll tell you what they are and how to get them.

It is easy to join a frequent flier program. And it is usually free. You can join online at your airline’s website, or fill out a form in the flight magazine. Choose the airline that you will fly the most. Then stick to that airline. This, of course, is the reason airlines give all these freebies away – they want your business. What are you waiting for?

15 Airline Perks You Can Get for Free

  1. Free first class upgrades. Who doesn’t want to fly first class? Receive upgrades for yourself and for your companions booked on the same itinerary. I wrote a separate post on 7 ways to fly first class for economy prices.