What Season Is Your Business In?

Seasons are nature’s rhythms that serve to perpetuate the species. Businesses also have seasons, rhythms that serve to perpetuate your business. The two main business seasons are Expansion and Revision. Here’s why you need to embrace both. 

I’m a Spring and Summer growth kind of guy. I love to see the growth and enjoy the fruit of my work. Fall and Winter give plants

How Vulnerability Makes You A Stronger Leader

Leaders are not perfect. But we like to act like it. We try to hide our weakness and project perfection to those around us, thinking this will instill confidence in us and others. Actually, it’s the opposite. Vulnerability makes you a stronger leader. Here’s how.

While speaking to a small group of ministers in California a dangerous thing happened, an illustration I haven’t used before popped into my mind. I launched into the story. “My wife and I are seeing a marriage counselor, and the amazing thing I learned was…”

That’s as far as I got. It was like the air was suddenly sucked out of the room. A couple people looked

Not Only A Program, Coaching Is A Way of Leading

Some leaders think they are too busy to coach. They view coaching only as a new activity or program. Coaching is not only a program, it’s a way of leading. I’ll show you how to integrate coaching into your many leadership roles.

One of the things I love about coaching is that it doesn’t have to be

What’s The Difference Between Executive And Life Coaching?

As a coach trainer, I am often asked, “What’s the difference between Executive Coaching and Life Coaching?” We could broaden the question to include Leadership Coaching, Business Coaching, Wellness Coaching, and any other “Something” Coaching. The differences and the similarities might surprise you.

It’s an understandable mistake to think of Executive Coaching and Life Coaching as if they are specific, well-defined, and distinct types of coaching. They aren’t.

Coaches use the term in front of the word “Coaching” to appeal to

The Best of 2016 Leadership and Coaching Articles

Another year of articles on improving your leadership, your coaching, and marketing your services. Four topics emerge as I review 2016 articles with the most number of views. Here is the best of 2016 leadership and coaching articles. 

The first 2 topics concerned coaching. Many coaches are looking for more clients. How to find them and what to charge was at the top of the list of most viewed articles. The second coaching topic answers the question, What is

Millennials: How to Interview Anyone With Confidence

I challenged my university-aged son to create a plan to visit 10 business leaders and learn from them. He accepted! This project turned into leadership lessons, including how to interview anyone with confidence.

The idea was for Benjamin (19 years-old) to make appointments with business leaders and interview them at their offices. He had a number of purposes for

How To Strengthen Relationships After Messing Up

We all mess up from time to time – we say the wrong thing, fail to fulfill a commitment, or make the occasional bad decision. We worry about messing up, but no one expects you to be perfect. It’s how you respond to your failures that builds or breaks trust with those around you. Here’s how to strengthen relationships after messing up.

Compare the responses of these two leaders who messed up:

Vivian had the responsibility to find the location and negotiate the price of the venue where we would hold an event. Two months before the event,

So You Want To Be An Undercover Coach

Your colleague walks into your office and asks for your advice. You want to use a coaching approach but know that you can’t have a full-on coaching conversation. What do you do? Go undercover. Be an Undercover Coach. Here’s how.

I love the clarity that comes with a well-defined coaching relationship. I know, and the other person knows, we’re coaching. We know I’ll ask probing questions and they’ll do most of reflection and talking.

You are not likely to have a defined coaching relationship with your co-worker, your teenager, or your boss. How do you use coaching skills in your day-to-day