How To Slow Down To Go Far

I like to go fast. I like a fast-paced schedule with a lot of action and results. Fast has its place, but sometimes you have to slow down to see what you can’t see going fast. I’ve found productivity has more to do with going slow than going fast. Here’s how to slow down to go far. 

Fast Ignores Tough Questions

For a few years, I was traveling 110 nights a year for work and another 20-30 nights with my family. And I was running

How To Increase Your Leader UX

What’s your Leader UX? User experience (UX) is now top priority in product and e-commerce design. Leaders need to prioritize their own Leader UX too. Here’s how. 

As technology increases and products become more complex, that same complexity will scare away customers unless they can easily figure out how to

2x Growth Requires Different, Not Just More Of The Same

If you want to grow your results by 10% or 20%, you can just work harder, be more disciplined and efficient. If you want to double your results, you can’t do more of the same, you have to be different. Here’s how.

In 2015, my organization had its best year ever. We trained more people and made a deeper impact in their lives. Finances were strong. Work-life balance of our team was healthy. Wonderful!

I wanted us to make a even great impact. So, at the beginning of 2016 I set

Why More Information Won’t Solve It

Many of us are convinced that we would solve our problems and reach our goals if we had the right information. The truth is, a lack of information is usually not the problem. I’ll show you 5 reasons why more information won’t solve it and what to do instead. 

Information Rich and Solution Blind

I’ve noticed a pattern in many leaders I’ve coached. Whether they are trying to solve a problem or reach a goal, most are looking for

How To Grow Your Business By Pruning

My intuitive way to grow my coaching training organization was to add programs and locations. As a result, our revenue increased, but our expenses outpaced it. After wearing ourselves out trying to grow by expanding, I discovered how to grow by pruning. 

Learning From Fruit Tree Farmers

Organizations grow like fruit trees. We plant a product or service that grows into

“Open Doors” Is The Wrong Way To Make Decisions

A business owner told me he wanted to expand into a new market but hadn’t found an open door yet. I smiled and said, “Sometimes you’ve got to kick a door in to open it.” Looking for an open door is the wrong way to make a decision. 

It’s surprising to me how popular it is to make decisions based on “open doors.” As you explore opportunities, you look for open doors. If a door is closed, you continue

Don’t Get Attached To Your Advice

It’s easy to become attached to the advice, feedback, and ideas we give to other people. We’re trying to be helpful, but when the person doesn’t take our suggestions we try to convince them. That’s attachment. Here’s how to share with others with no strings attached. 

A listener to a popular podcast emailed the presenter to let her know that he loved her podcast, but the sound quality wasn’t great. Since he had a technical background, he suggested a couple of ways to improve it. The podcast presenter wrote back and said,

The Most Powerful Leverage for Change is Within You

Change is a funny thing. We all want change, but no one wants to change. Real transformation happens when we move the change conversation from “he, she, and they,” to “me, myself, and I.” The most powerful leverage for change is within you. 

I hear it coaching leaders when I ask them what they would like to work on. I often hear answers like