7 Reasons I’ve Gone Back To A Paper Planner

I’m back to paper! I have been all digital in my calendar, to-do list, and journal for a few years now. Now I’m back to paper – at least partially. Here’s why.

I used to be all digital. I use Google calendars to see my personal, company, and my wife’s calendars across all my devices. My coaching clients can click a link to make appointments with me at times I’ve indicated are available, without exchanging emails to set it up. I track my to-dos with Nozbe and use Evernote to capture ideas, quotes, article snippets, etc. All digital. Everything syncs and I love it.

But I wasn’t getting the most important things done. My calendar and to-do list were running me, rather than

Get More Productive At Work With Gratitude

I’m a problem-solver. I spot problems and address them. This perspective has sometimes caused the people I’ve worked with to become discouraged when I pointed out the one part of their otherwise perfect work that needed improvement. These days I have a new approach. Here’s how to get more productive at work with gratitude.

In my own work, I’m never done and it’s never good enough. I see what else needs to be done, fixed, or added. This attitude wears me out sometimes.

What’s happening is

5 Tools For Successful Remote Team Results

Offices are a relic of the pre-Internet era. These days remote teams are the way to collaborate for results, while still having a life. I’ve been managing a remote team and business from my laptop for 12 years now. Here are my top 5 tools for successful remote team results. 

Working remotely is my preferred way of working. I work from home and wherever I find myself when I’m traveling. Today, I’m writing this article from a Starbucks. My business is far from a one-person show.

Here’s what my remote team looks like. I live near

It Makes Sense, Until You Think About It

A lot of things we do make sense, until we think about them. It turns out what appears to feel quite logical doesn’t always hold up under closer scrutiny. Here’s how to spot your faulty thinking, and fix it.

A friend of mine mentioned he was limiting his income for the next couple of years so he could receive financial aid for his children’s university fees. My plan was to

How To Stop Doing And Start Managing Others

I like working. I like making lists, doing the tasks, and checking them off. As my organization grew, I needed to change from doing things myself to managing others to do things. This was a much harder transition than I expected. Here’s what I learned.

I know that the only way to multiply my results is to manage others to do the work. But, strangely, I had a difficult time not doing the work myself. It isn’t that I’m a perfectionist or control

The #1 Barrier To Nonprofit Effectiveness

The other day I heard Jason Fried, the CEO of project software Basecamp, talk about productivity. He said, “Your company needs to be your best product, because it is the product that makes everything else.” As a result, he is spending the majority of his time working on his organization, not it’s products. This challenges me! 

The organization, to me, is a tool to create, launch, and manage our products and services (our training and resources). I want to spend as little time and energy as possible working on

What Gets Scheduled Gets Done

You’ve heard the saying, “What gets measured gets done.” In the corporate world, this might be a reliable axiom, but with solopeneurs – people running their own show – it doesn’t hold up. I’ve found what gets scheduled gets done. I’ll show you how to schedule the important things and control the ‘urgent’ things that waste your time. 

I have a number of activities I measure that still don’t get done. Why not? Here are my big three reasons:

Are You Sleeping Through Your Life?

Many people sleep through school, career, and marriage – waking up one day unhappy. They’ve slept through life. Here’s how to wake up. 

It’s easy to sleep through life. We’re busy, tired, and jumping from activity to activity. We’re not literally asleep. The problem is we don’t take the time to reflect on our lives, therefore we’re largely unaware of