7 Tips to Quickly Overcome Jet Lag

After years of traveling across a lot of time zones I’ve learned a few tricks to overcome jet leg more quickly. In this article I’ll share 7 tips to quickly overcome jet lag.

I just returned from a trip to Singapore where the time zone is 14 hours different than mine. Which means night and day are switched. I was immediately busy leading a 5-day workshop, so I had no time for jet lag. I’ve tried many methods, schedules, and even a few apps to beat jet lag. I’ve settled on the most productive ways to quickly overcome it.

7 Ways to Fly First Class for Economy Prices

Did you know 85% of people flying first class are flying on an economy class ticket? I’m going to share 7 proven ways that I’ve actually used to fly first class on economy tickets.

7 Ways to Fly First Class for Economy Prices

Speaking on leadership development and coaching skills takes me around the world. I’ve flown over 100,000 miles each of the past 5 years. Along the way I’ve made a few discoveries to ease the pain of travel.