Why You Need To Risk Failure To Succeed

I’ve noticed that many leaders, rather than trying to succeed, are trying to not fail. Doing so keeps them from achieving the personal and professional success they are looking for. Here’s why you need to risk failure in order to succeed. 

After yet another basketball game loss, the boy told his Dad, “It’s okay Dad, we knew we’d lose so we weren’t really trying anyway.” The boy and his team knew how to protect themselves, if they didn’t try hard, they didn’t really fail.

It’s not just kids who protect themselves from failure. How about…

3 Things You Need To Run A Successful Coaching Practice

I equip people to use coaching skills. Most of these people coach as part of their leadership roles – supervisor, pastor, executive, mentor, parent – but some want to generate income with their coaching. Here are 3 things you need to run a successful coaching business. 

It’s a myth that a person can become a professional coach, move to Hawaii, and coach a few people a day from the beach. For one thing, the beach is far too noisy for coaching. 😉

As with most professions, in coaching, there are a few people making a lot of money and a lot of people making a little money. Here’s the truth:

How The Structure Of Nonprofits Limits Growth

A bottleneck is a limitation is the system. In nonprofit organizations, that bottleneck is its financial structure. For some nonprofits, moving some of their services from a Donor-Subsidized model to a Client-Paid model will greatly increase their impact.

In 2004, when I began training nonprofit workers in coaching skills, I used a Donor-Subsidized model. We charged reduced fees to attend our events, so I needed to raise money to cover the substantial remaining costs.

Clients found our coaching training life-changing and recommended it to others. Soon

Stop Telling People What To Do

Telling people what to do feels like we’re in control. Plus, we’re being helpful. But it doesn’t often work. Let’s explore 4 reasons telling people what to do doesn’t get things done – and what to do instead. 

Your colleague is making little progress on a project. You know how to do it, so you try to help by telling him what he needs to do next. Things will now move forward at lightning speed because we’ve clearly instructed him, right? Not likely.

My Best Advice On Choosing a Coaching Training Program

I’ve spoken individually to hundreds of people about choosing a coaching training program. The process can be confusing because of so many options, approaches, and ways of describing programs. Here is my best advice on choosing the right coaching training for you.

6 Tips To Choosing A Coaching Training Program

Every coaching training program highlights their own advantages. This makes it difficult to compare various programs apples-to-apples. I want to clear up some of the confusion and give you 6 tips to choosing the best coaching training for you.

What Season Is Your Business In?

Seasons are nature’s rhythms that serve to perpetuate the species. Businesses also have seasons, rhythms that serve to perpetuate your business. The two main business seasons are Expansion and Revision. Here’s why you need to embrace both. 

I’m a Spring and Summer growth kind of guy. I love to see the growth and enjoy the fruit of my work. Fall and Winter give plants

How Vulnerability Makes You A Stronger Leader

Leaders are not perfect. But we like to act like it. We try to hide our weakness and project perfection to those around us, thinking this will instill confidence in us and others. Actually, it’s the opposite. Vulnerability makes you a stronger leader. Here’s how.

While speaking to a small group of ministers in California a dangerous thing happened, an illustration I haven’t used before popped into my mind. I launched into the story. “My wife and I are seeing a marriage counselor, and the amazing thing I learned was…”

That’s as far as I got. It was like the air was suddenly sucked out of the room. A couple people looked

Not Only A Program, Coaching Is A Way of Leading

Some leaders think they are too busy to coach. They view coaching only as a new activity or program. Coaching is not only a program, it’s a way of leading. I’ll show you how to integrate coaching into your many leadership roles.

One of the things I love about coaching is that it doesn’t have to be