My Top 10 Posts From 2013

What a year! This is the first year of I really appreciate that you take the time to read my posts. Even more, I’m thrilled to hear how you have adopted some tip to make your, or someone else’s, life better.

Here are my top 10 posts from 2013. It’s a real potluck of topics. Each will help you multiply your impact if you take it to heart.

Thanks again for a great year, I look forward to being with you in 2014!

My Top 10 Posts from 2013

  1. How to Get 300% Greater Training Results
    How to revise your training and 5 ways to provide follow-up coaching.
  2. How to Rewire Your Brain for Change
    I show you a 3-step process to literally rewire your brain to make the changes you want.
  3. The Impact of Gratitude
    Showing gratitude has a powerful effect on others, and you.
  4. 7 Ways to Fly First Class for Economy Prices
    My 10 techniques for flying First Class.
  5. Don’t Give Feedback, Generate Feedback
    A 3-step process for feedback that doesn’t cause defensiveness.
  6. Strategies for Coaching When Disaster Strikes
    What I learned about ways to help in disaster relief.
  7. How to Travel Rough Roads
    Six tested ways to work through a crises without losing hope.
  8. How to Spot Opportune Moments and Act
    Opportunity is everywhere, but we don’t see it. Here are 4 ways to spot it.
  9. Who Else Wants to Eliminate Email Interruption?
    Four strategies to show your email who is boss.
  10. The Answer is the Question
    Insightful answers are based on asking insightful questions. Look for questions.

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