How To Ensure Learning From Your Example

Modeling preferred behavior is a powerful way of influencing the people around you. But your example isn’t enough. People usually don’t know why or how you’re doing what you’re doing unless you tell them. Here’s how to ensure learning from your example. 

Our workshop participants tell us that they learn a lot about interactive training by watching the way we lead our workshops. They see us model brevity of teaching, use many different interactive exercises, and facilitate skill practice during the workshop.

We model it. They see it. But in the end, they can’t replicate our training style. Why?

Are You Too Busy To Be Successful?

Being busy has become a badge of honor. It’s viewed as a sign of working hard. But too often busy-ness is the result of focusing on the wrong outcomes. Are you too busy to be successful?

We’ve figured out that if we want to feel successful and have others think well of us, we will get busy. Working hard, long hours, with a busy schedule are surely the signs of

How To Lead Great Video Conference Calls

Video conferencing can be an inexpensive way to gather people from a distance for productive meetings. All too often, however, it can be a frustrating waste of time due to poor planning, technical issues, and poor execution. Here are 10 ways to lead great video conference calls.

To have productive video conferences you must think like Steven Spielberg. Every scene in a Spielberg movie is

Unlock Every Conversation With Powerful Questions

Coaching skills are useful with everyone we meet, no matter if we have three minutes or an hour. Here’s how to use the five steps of The COACH Model® in daily conversations. 

We have conversations everyday. Most of them are not coaching conversations. They are brief interactions on-the-go. You can build stronger relationships and

What You Need To Do To Delegate Effectively

“Just delegate it to someone on your team,” your well-meaning, but unhelpful, colleague advises you. If only it were that easy! Delegation is difficult because it’s a process, not an event. Here’s what you need to do to effectively delegate and get the results you’re looking for.

Delegation is a an essential leadership skill. Each stage of your leadership growth requires

How To Clean Up Attention Residue

When you check your email, read your messages, answer the phone, or have a quick conversation, your attention stays with that task even after you’ve moved onto the next. For a period of time, you’re unable to give the next task your full attention. This phenomena has been called “attention residue” and it’s hurting your thinking. Here’s how to clean up attention residue to get your focus back.

I’ve noticed how I can’t jump from answering emails to doing thinking work. My mind stays with


This is a Chinese version of Moving From Distracted Working to Focused Results. 你的深度思考能力,策划能力,创新能力和变革能力是你最有价值的领导力资产。然而,在我们这个随时供应的世界里,你被连续不断的干扰所轰炸,以至于你从有意义的工作中分心。这里介绍如何从工作分心转向做事专注。