Being Effective In The People Side of Ministry

I created a new 30-minute video training called The 5 Benefits of Coaching In Ministry. It specifically addresses the needs of ministry leaders – in churches, schools, hospitals, and nonprofits. I’ll show you how to be effective in the people side of ministry. 

A ministry role brings challenges beyond those faced in business. The business functions are there: supervising employees, overseeing budgets, and managing facilities and programs.

People in ministry often have to do these “business” tasks while teaching, counseling, and recruiting and managing volunteers.

As Peter Drucker said, the goal of the nonprofit is changed lives. That’s a never-ending job!

Many in ministry feel the demands of ministry are often greater than they can handle. Eight out of ten pastors feel “on call” 24 / 7. Most have experienced a significant personal attack from the people they serve.

Equipping For The People Side of Ministry

Surprisingly, for such a people-intensive role, most in ministry have not been adequately equipped for the people side of ministry. We’ve been taught to study, teach, and preach but not to elicit change through dialogue, which is the most effective change process.

I found a solution that is a complete game-changer! It’s called coaching.

Coaching develops both skills and character in people, while doing ministry. It’s not a program. It’s a way of interacting with people. Rather than giving advice, listen and then ask powerful questions to draw out what the Holy Spirit has put in.

For more than 10 years, I’ve been training ministry leaders how to multiply their impact through coaching. The stories of their results are dramatic.

I created a free 30-minute training video that shows you how to develop leaders while doing ministry, without adding more to your busy schedule.

In 5 Benefits of Coaching In Ministry, you’ll discover:

  • 3 major obstacles people in ministry face …and how you can overcome them.
  • 5 benefits of coaching in ministry …and how to achieve them.
  • 3 reasons people don’t coach well …and how you can be different.
  • 3 steps to becoming an excellent coach …and how you can get started.

Oh, and after you watch the free video training, I’ll send you a link to download a copy of a free PDF of the 5 Benefits. As a bonus, I added 2 additional benefits that are not covered in the video training.

You can access the training video right here.

Get start right now in increasing your effectiveness in the people side of ministry with The 5 Benefits of Coaching In Ministry.

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    Keith is President of Creative Results Management. He helps busy leaders multiply their impact. Keith is the author of several books including The COACH Model for Christian Leaders.

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