I want to share some exciting news with you! It could help you multiply your ministry. At least, that’s what people are telling me about our new coaching training programs for ministry leaders.

Using the feedback we’ve received from hundred of participants, I wanted to find better ways to train more ministry folks, for less money, with less travel, and more options. That’s a tall order!

This month, Creative Results Management is launching 2 new certificate programs and 9 teleclass series. The International Coach Federation has approved it all for 150 coach-specific training hours. This 2 minute video will give you a good idea of what’s going on and how you can benefit.

Visit Creative Results Management for all the details.

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2 thoughts on “New Ministry Coaching Training

  1. HI, it’s been a while…, I attended the CORE in Atlanta in the spring of last year. I didn’t avidly pursue certification for a variety of reasons at the time. However, I am interested in reconnecting and continuing. I understand that things have changed within your structure, but don’t know much about that. Can you contact me or fill me in, so that I can know what my options would be for continuing? Thanks, Ron