How Much Is Enough?

Last week I had knee surgery. It’s still swollen like a softball even when I keep it propped up over my head. It’s hard to work in this position. I’ve gotten some things done, but looking at my work load, I’m wrestling with the question: How much is enough?

Like you, I manage my own goals and efforts to reach them. No one is telling me what to work on each day. I decide.

All last weekend I thought about writing a blog post. I usually post on Mondays but Monday is gone with no post. I’ve got other things on my to-do list as well that aren’t getting done. Like organizing a September promotion for our training courses.

How much is enough?

There are always six more things that I could do. I could push harder – work later, get up earlier, and get them done. And then, six new things would take their places.

How much is enough?

We reached this year’s enrollment goal already for our coaching training courses. Registrations continue to come in. Instead of being satisfied with that bit of success, I announced new courses for the Spring. After all, I want to make an impact and more people means more impact.

How much is enough?

This is the question I’m thinking about with my leg propped up. Why, I wonder, do I have so much trouble quieting the voices that say “Do more. Don’t stop. Keep going.”

I don’t have an answer to this question. For today, I’m going to let asking this question be enough.

Question: How do you determine How much is enough? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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    3 thoughts on “How Much Is Enough?

    1. There’s no end of books and articles that offer techniques to manage our time. A lot of it is good advice, but there isn’t a one-size-fits-all methodology that works for everyone.

      I suggest the underlying problem is one of values. Here are a few counter-cultural examples of values we can embrace to lay a foundation for more balanced lives:

      Humility: Our culture teaches us that important people are busy people. Until we lay aside our egos and
      realize the world won’t stop turning without our constant attention, we’ll continue to drive ourselves into unhealthy lifestyles. Give yourself permission to take a break. Regularly.

      Contentment: Our culture teaches us to go big or go home. This is tied to the humility issue above. Our goal should be to be our best, not to be better than everyone else who does what we do. That doesn’t justify being lazy or slothful, just learning to be content with the results of a good day’s work rather trying to do two days’ work every day.

      Valuing choice: Having too much to do is a blessing. It gives us an opportunity to affirm our convictions by making choices that reinforce what we believe is important. Saying “no” to something – even something we want to do – should give us some inner satisfaction when we’ve chosen the best over the good.

    2. It is a culture of most of the hard working persons,,,
      I learnt to STOP “immediately”
      “When I feel satisfied !!! When I feel tired,,, When I need to change*** When I can not do it right… and When it comes to family needs” Thanks,