Answers to the ICF Credentialing Exam Sample Questions

These are the answers to the ICF Credentialing Exam Sample Questions from this article: How to Pass the ICF Coach Credentialing Exam

The order of the question answers are scrambled to avoid seeing the next questions’ answers easily.

Question 1: Best 4; Worst 1

Question 8: Best 1; Worst 4

Question 6: Best 3; Worst 1

Question 2: Best 2; Worst 4

Question 4: Best 1; Worst 3

Question 5: Best 4; Worst 1

Question 7: Best 3; Worst 2

Question 3: Best 3; Worst 4

How did you do on these sample questions? Go back over the answers again, especially those you missed. Compare to the tips for BEST and WORST in the article. Note some of the keywords and behaviors.

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